Cluie© ...Live Smart.

We know that our Cluie© product will provide many years of reliable service to you. We have every confidence in the quality of our materials and craftsmanship, however, in the unlikely event that something eludes our quality control, we will take all reasonable steps to make it right and guarantee your satisfaction.




  1. Cluie© offers a  30 Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Warranty on our Original “FunnyMade” product range or any other genuine Cluie© product.
  2. In addition, Cluie© has an extend Free Replacement Guarantee against defective materials, parts and workmanship on our Original “FunnyMade” range or any other genuine Cluie© product.
  3. The Cluie© warranty does not cover any of our products that have suffered misuse, abuse or have been used in any way contrary to the specifications and instructions laid out on our Amazon or Cluie© websites and in our product packaging materials.

Cluie© holds the Exclusive Amazon rights to all Original “FunnyMade” products. As the sole Amazon rights holder, the above Cluie© warranty does not apply to any other FunnyMade look alike, imitations, copies or Funny made labelled products.

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