C.L.U.I.E. (Confident. Lavish. Unique. Innate. Elegant) is found in 2020 during the pandemic chaos world.

Although the pandemic hit hard to our lives at every aspects, we confirm that the human resilience can take any negatives to make a life changing opportunity.

While we were lazy in track suits with un ashamed bare face day in day out isolating and distancing from the world, our minds busy exploring for something. Something for surviving realities and something for …. fundamental of being myself.


After a certain period of quiet self-exploration, we started reaching out to families and friends. We talk, chat, discuss and share our emotions… all via wi-fi; we all have entered into the digital world, willing or not willing.

Not being able to freely travel around, our creativity exploded in using the digital space like zoom, from entertainment to sports like singing, dancing, arts, yoga, therapies, with, of course, covid-fashion.


As the pandemic tragedy spread wider, our search for a way of normality deepen, seek more loving and comforting while desperately look away from the fear of an uncertain future; more than ever, we need each other’s support.

We decided to support ourselves by starting a business with which we commonly have a passion for; jewelry!

Designed and made by our local in America, American made jewelry to express ourselves being confident, lavish, unique, innate and elegant.

C.L.U.I.E. has born for showcasing and suporting lovingly crafted American made jewelry.