What does Cluie mean?

A: Cluie means: smart, wise, informed, clued -in, prepared, well thought out, on top of things, helpful, knowledgeable, in control.

To this end, at Cluie our aim is to produce and source smart products that make life easier, safer and more organized so you have more time to do the things that are really important to you.


FunnyMade... why name so odd?

A: FunnyMade brand name came from a girl’s name who designed and developed these beautiful products from South Korea and she branded her company “FunnyMade”.

Why are Cluie and FunnyMade brand products more expensive than some other brands?

A: Put simply, ‘you get what you pay for’. Cluie and FunnyMade packing cubes are made in South Korea with the materials that produced in South Korea. They offer –

  1. More costly higher quality materials, e.g. stronger yet soft non-toxic fabrics that safe to use any baby needs as well as your underwear and easy-glide zippers plus water proofing where it is most needed.
  2. Superior craftsmanship, e.g. stronger stitching, side padding and non-stretch seams.
Why do I need packing cubes?

A: Cluie or FunnyMade brand packing cubes help keep you super-organized at home or on the road. They save you valuable time, packing and unpacking. Provide you with stress free travel e.g. at security or check-in and protect your possessions from stains, odours and creasing

Won't packing cubes add weight to my luggage that may already be too heavy?

A: The largest Cluie or FunnyMade packing cube weighs just 4.5ozs which is easily off-set by a reduction in the amount of luggage needed, due to the fact you can compressing more items into a single piece of luggage when using packing cubes.

What are the FunnyMade Cosmetic Bag material?

A: The main parts are none-toxic polyester 450D polyester and is water repellent and rip-stop premium material and the mesh is parts are 100% nylon. All FunnyMade products’ material are produced in South Korea with innovative high-tech that human touch friendly.

Why FunnyMade suggest a Hand Wash?

A: FunnyMade used 3 times of high-tech water resistant coatings on  all materials. Wash machine can. overtime, destroy the water resistant coatings.

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